Kevin Grier is a respected and connected agriculture and food market analyst with a solid understanding of industry issues from farm to retail. His research and analysis helps companies, producer groups, financial service organizations and governments make informed decisions that impact their bottom line. The main industry focus is livestock, poultry, meat and grocery markets.

With more than 25 years of experience, Kevin Grier brings clients a solid economic research and market analysis skill-set combined with thorough knowledge of the Canadian and U.S. agriculture and food industry. Two key competitive advantages include an extensive network of high level contacts throughout the industry and an exhaustive data and information base. 

A regular contributor and sought out expert to the media -- Globe and Mail, National Post, Calgary Herald, CBC Radio, Canada AM, Global News, and CTV, grocery and agriculture publications – he is known and regarded for his pragmatic approach and willingness to provoke dialogue to advance business and policy interests.

Kevin Grier provides consulting services which deliver economic and market analysis research projects. He has provided expertise in high-profile arbitrations, Competition Bureau cases, trade negotiations, animal health projects and food safety assessments.  He has been active in policy development for industry associations and governments in areas such as assisting the Government of Canada in the World Trade Organization dispute regarding Country of Origin Labelling. He has also helped producer organizations address issues associated with the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. He is passionate about technology and its role in finding marketplace acceptance and production effectiveness.

Kevin has built a reputation across Canada for being a provocative, well informed and independent public speaker offering a unique voice on industry issues and trends. He is a keynote speaker to business leaders and governments nationally and internationally.

Kevin authors five must-read industry publications: Canadian Cattle Market Report, Canadian Boxed Beef Report, Canadian Pork Market Report and Canadian Chicken Market Report. The publications provide industry insights, issue assessment, market analysis and outlook. The reports are focused solely on helping subscribers make more informed and more profitable decisions regarding procurement, marketing, investment and operations.



Kevin Grier Market Analysis and Consulting was founded in 2014 following Kevin’s 18 years with the George Morris Centre, a leader in economic research in the agriculture and food industry. Prior to that Kevin was a manager with the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission, the supervisory body of the provincial regulated marketing boards.


Fields of expertise:

Commodity Analysis & Forecasting, Procurement and Marketing Strategies, Pricing Analysis, Risk Management, Consumer Market Trends Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Policy Development & Economic Impact Analysis.

Industries: Livestock, Meat, Poultry & Grocery