Kevin has built a reputation across Canada for being a provocative, well informed, entertaining and independent public speaker offering a unique voice on industry issues and trends. He is known and highly regarded for his pragmatic approach and willingness to provoke dialogue to advance business and policy interests. 

He is a keynote speaker nationally and internationally. Speaking engagements and seminars are provided to open association conferences or private corporate meetings.  

Kevin Grier is a regular contributor and sought out expert to the media -- National Post, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CBC, Business News Network, Global News, CTV, as well as grocery and agriculture publications. 

Kevin is a Co-Host for J.S. Ferraro & Company’s Quarterly Big Picture Market Outlook webinars. View webinars here. https://jsferraro.com/big-picture-market-outlook/

Contact Kevin Grier regarding speaking engagements for public or private meetings, conferences, seminars or webinars.