The Canadian Pork Market Report provides an excellent on-the-ground review of industry developments. We value Kevin’s honest analysis and timely outlook as an integral piece of our research. A must-read publication for everyone working in Canadian agriculture!

- Christine McCracken Executive Director, Animal Protein, Rabobank

I value Kevin’s reports for the insights and analysis into the market.  Kevin goes beyond the information on the surface and explains why things are happening and what it means to market participants. I particularly appreciate his focus on the Canadian market which is not available elsewhere.  

- Vincent Breton, President, Les Viandes du Breton

Beyond the numbers Kevin Grier brings perspective and meaningful opinion to his understanding of what impacts our business, both within and without.

- Richard Davies, Olymel, Montreal

We use the reports to help us manage and forecast our business as well as to analyze markets. Kevin's experience and understanding of the poultry market and its drivers allows him to present material in a clear concise manner that allows us to make better decisions.

- Craig Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Granny's Poultry Co-operative Ltd., Winnipeg

I’ve been buying Grocery Trade Report for literally decades and really value Kevin’s perspectives.  

- Ron Walters, Innovation Systems Leader, High Liner Foods

The Canadian Cattle Buyer is one of the best livestock economic publications available in Canada. Kevin Grier understands the issues and provides an analysis of the market, trends and changing landscapes in a timely manner that allows industry participants to react in an educated manner.

- Aaron Canart, Director of NW Supply Chain Management, Agri Beef Co., Boise

The Canadian Pork Market Review provides information on the Canadian pork sector that is not easily obtainable elsewhere.  As such, it is essential for my work.


- Mildred Haley, Economic Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture

Not only have I found Kevin's numbers to be very well researched and factual, but also that he has very good grasp on the entire supply chain from production through to retailer, one protein competing with another, and how varying numbers in one segment can end up effecting the viability of another.

- Lee Nilsson, Nilsson Brothers, Edmonton

Kevin Grier has deep expertise in food manufacturing and retail policy and is a reliable go-to when we need additional insights or analysis at FCPC.  The work is high caliber and well-presented. Kevin has always made himself accessible to us and works hard to develop quality product that is tailored to our needs. The work done by Kevin has been central to supporting FCPC policy development and our advocacy work... We appreciate the professional nature of the work and excellent customer service and great value for money.

- Derek Nighbor, Senior Vice President, Food & Consumer Products of Canada

As a processor of case ready fresh meats, we use the Canadian Boxed Beef Report as a valuable tool in the management of our business. The wholesale price trends, Canadian retail feature activity and boxed beef outlook provide a timely and unique perspective on the marketplace.

- Gary Haley, President & CEO, Vantage Foods Inc., Calgary

We’ve used Kevin Grier twice to help us with our due diligence for two acquisitions in the agriculture sector.  In both instances we were referred to Kevin from several sources as a preeminent Canadian livestock and meat market analyst.  He was able to tailor the research and analysis to fit precisely what we were looking for.  The reports spanned big picture topics such as an overview of the Canadian protein value chain to more specialized research around regulatory issues and the outlook for herd sizes in specific species and regions.  The output was extensive, thoroughly researched and proved to be an important component in making our investment decision.  We would readily call on Kevin Grier again for agricultural research and analytical projects.

- Matthew Kunica, Partner, Birch Hill Equity Partners, Toronto

As a Product Manager for a company that is impacted by the livestock market, I have relied for many years on Kevin Grier's weekly newsletters as a source of information to forecast and plan marketing strategies. The information is among the first go-to information sources to assist me with my work.

I have also had times when I had to develop more detailed analysis of the market, and have asked Kevin to assist me.  The result is that I obtained a reliable, independent report...relevant to my specific needs.

I would not hesitate to use the Kevin Grier for work again in the future.

- Daniel Darragh, Swine Product Manager, Zoetis, Montreal

Kevin Grier’s insightful analysis of the various negotiation alternatives for pork in the context of Canada’s TPP negotiations and bilateral talks with Japan enabled our members to develop a common industry position and become the voice of the Canadian meat industry providing Canadian negotiators with advice and guidance on pivotal market access issues as they pursued the negotiations.



- Suzanne Sabourin,Director, International Trade and Regulatory Affairs, Canadian Meat Council

I have known Kevin Grier for over 20 years. He has proven to be as astute, knowledgeable and pragmatic as anyone I have ever known in the North American meat industry. The data sets he maintains have proven invaluable in many important business decisions I have made over my career in the food industry.

- Ken Weir, Pre-Packed Meat, Calgary